INSPIRE, the European Spatial Data Infrastructure, is at the core of much of our work. Our activities in this area include data modelling, data transformation, data provision and data usage, whereby we have a great deal of experience in integrating observational and measurement data, be it from human observers or from automated sensors, into an SDI.

Pertaining to observational data in INSPIRE, we take a twofold approach. On the one side, we provide support for Sensor Observation Service (SOS) implementations as described by INSPIRE Guidance documents. On the other side, we've been experimenting with the new OGC SensorThings API standard, allowing for RESTful access to JSON encoded data. Various services and viewers are available from our service page at

Here a list of known bugs we're collecting for various implementation technologies. Hopefully this will soon be institutionalized on the official INSPIRE sites, but til then, better than nothing. If you have further errors or inconsistencies to report, please get in touch with us.

As part of our work on making INSPIRE implementable and usable, we will be facilitating severak workshops at the INSPIRE Conference 2018. Details soon!